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The way of tickling does not differ much from people. Some animals, such as monkeys, have a thicker skin and should therefore be tickled harder to let them feel it. Most animals are especially sensitive on their bellies and in their armpits.


Tickling is not only enjoyable if it lasts long enough, it also works as a torture method.
During the Han Dynasty in China around the beginning of the era was tickling a common form of torture because it left no traces.
The ancient Romans used goat which kept the foot of a prisoner licked as a torture method. In the beginning, tickling that simply, but after long time goes on in the extreme discomfort and pain.

So your defense you ticklish
Can you at tickling ? Congratulations! Shrink your giggling together if you just think of? Then this is the trick for you!

Simply place your hand on top of the hand of your attacker
tickling 2

Jep. It’s as easy as that! Namely you help your brains – literally – a hand to understand the tickle. Welcome to the club of Tickle Masters!

But … Why can not we ticklish?

Good question! Tickling goes along with a lot of emotional and neurological elements . Therefore it is not so easy to explain. The origin of our “startle response” to tickle remains a mystery.

Some argue that tickle a social origin is and was a sign of affection. Therefore, we would laugh when we are tickled.

Others say again that we laugh as a sign of nervousness and anxiety . It would be a sort of early warning system in case something is crawling on us. Brr!

And how come I can not tickle myself?
tickle 3

Your brains (particularly the cerebellum) can predict how touches will feel on our skin . For example, if you scratch yourself, your brains know how it will feel and will does not hurt. That is also true when you tickle yourself, so you do not scare!

If other people touch you, your brains can more difficult to judge how it will feel , making you scared and laugh when someone tickles! But when you so your hand on top of the hand of the one who tickles puts help your brains to understand those incentives.

But (drum roll) : there is one place on your body where you indeed can tickle yourself! Your palate! If you rub your finger over your palate, this will give you a tickle. Most likely this is because you do not often touch your palate and your brains that touch so can not fully appreciate.

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